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TITLE: Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails: From the Alamagoozlum Cocktail to the Zombie
AUTHOR: Ted Haigh a.k.a "Dr. Cocktail"
PUBLISHER: Quarry Books, 144 Pages
TYPE: Drinks recipes
COST: Out-of-print, price varies!

General Review: In sharp contrast to other books on historical cocktails this is not some reprint of a classic cocktail book such as the Ritz or Savoy cocktail manuals. While some of these can be great or interesting books, there are no stories, histories, insights or how to make modern equvalent ingredients. Dr. Cocktail brings all these in abundance and with great photos of what the cocktail should look like (always helpful I find), and some great illustrations of cocktailiana and vintage barware.

Another point to make is that this book spans up until the classic cocktail age and mercifully does not go beyond the 1960's, after which there was a marked decline in cocktails until its more recent renassiance. Probably one of the best books on classic cocktails on the market and unlike some of my other favs, small enough to carry with you if necessary to educate someone on the proper way to mix a Corpse Reviver or any of the other 70 or so other drinks. I rank it as a "must have" for my cocktail library.

Overall rating:

Value/price rating: