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Mixer / Flavoring - Dry Soda Blood Orange


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Dry Soda Blood Orange Soda
Dry Soda, Seattle, Washington

Major Ingredients: Natural spring water, Flavorings, Cane Sugar
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Mixer or Flavoring

PRICE: $1.50 for 12 oz (355 ml) bottle

: This soda company and it's products were conceived by a woman who was continually frustrated by her lack of options for something to drink while she was pregnant. Many things were either boring or contained too much sugar. Dry Soda (dry as in "not sweet") developed a line of sodas that were meant to have a minimum of sugar and a emphasis on taste. Other flavors include CucumberJuniper, Lavender, Lemon GrassRhubarb and Vanilla Bean.

Appearance: Nice fizz/carbonation to it. Perfectly clear, the company did not feel compelled to color it with some chemicals just for shelf appeal.

First Impression: Nice aromatic and citrusy blood orange, not overdone. Also has hints of other citrus, maybe a tangerine or mandarin orange.

Taste: Nice clear blood orange taste without being overly sugared.  Definite other citrus notes such as the mandarin orange or tangerine as already noted in the bouquet. Crisp tasting with a fair amount of acidity it pairs well many foods. Again another nice fruit soda expression without overwhelming your taste buds or carpet bombing them with too much flavor and sugars as many other sodas do.

Drinks: Works well in drinks were you want taste and not sugar, stickiness and intrusive flavor. Pairs and plays well in both cocktails and with many different foods. Provides a nice Blood Orange flavor without the alcohol or sugar you usually have to trade off for to get a blood orange taste.

Final Thoughts: Nicely done if a touch more light than one would expect. That being said it is a nice and refreshing alternative to what's out there.

Bottle: Generic clear glass, 12 oz size .Information s printed directly on the glass to save paper and be environmentally friendly and eminently recyclable. Print in this case is blood orange (blood orange skin color that is so it will not be confused with the rhubarb soda which uses a red print).


Well laid out and informative pages on cocktails, food pairing, where to buy, and what they do.




Overall rating:

Grey Olive

Value/price rating: