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Scotch Vatted - Jon, Mark and Robbo's Malt Scotch Whisky - The Smooth Sweeter One





The Smooth Sweeter One
Easy Drinking Whisky Company Ltd. (Perthshire, Scotland)
Grain - Peated and Unpeated Barley Malts

PROOF: 80 (40%)
AGE: Not Applicable
TYPE: Vatted - Hybrid of Scotch Whisky (30%) and Irish Whiskey (70%)

PRICE: $ 30.00 - 750 ML 



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Notes: This is one of three whiskies released by a new company (the others are: The Rich Spicy One and The Smokey Peaty One). Formed by two brothers and their best friend, a former master distiller at The Macallan.

The aim of the company is to make scotch more approachable and fun - to shed the snobbery and lower the barriers a bit. They accomplish all of these goals with their offerings.

W hile they do not have the distinctiveness of single malts, they do have an easy-to-drink, casual quality to them that makes them a good introduction to malt whiskies.

The vatted blends themselves while not luxury/premium blends such as Chivas are much better than the average cheap blended scotch that seem to be the drink of choice for elderly alcoholics.

Appearance: Light straw in the bottle, nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whiskey on swirling some legs to it.

First Impression: Citrus, some floral notes, vanilla, a little light cinnamon going on.

Taste: Light to medium weight mouth feel (for a scotch). Orange honey, dark fruits, toffee and a slightly tropical fruit noted with sweet finish at the end as well.

Drinks: Works well on ice or with ginger ale (highball variation). Would be a little dangerous on a hot day, a little too easy-to-drink.

Cigars: Mild cigar.

Final Thoughts: This is a very pleasant, easy-to-drink whisky. At $30 a bottle it is competitive with Johnny Walker Black Label and much better for the novice. While not as distinctive as a single malt, it is a very nice simple whisky for more relaxed, informal times and a great starter whisky.

Bottle: Rather thick recycled glass with lots of small bubbles in it. Upside of that is it bounces rather than breaks when you get towards the bottom of the bottle. Also useful for those disagreements that might spring up about then. Glass resembles a number of tequila bottles in their use of recycled glass. Unlike the recycled coke bottle glass that the tequila comes in (notice the color on those?) they use clear glass and it lends a certain charm. Relatively plain, unpretentious labels and sealing wax tops (in this case dark red) finish it off. Hang tag with interesting flavor chart to explain what you are in for.

Web site:http://www.jonmarkandrobbo.com

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