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American Whiskey - Catdaddy Moonshine


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Catdaddy Moonshine
Piedmont Distilleries, Madison, North Carolina

INGREDIANTS: Corn, barley, with natural and artificial flavorings
PROOF: 80 (40%) 
TYPE: Flavored

PRICE: $25.00 - 750 ML 


: Made in a small (seven person) distillery in North Carolina, this whiskey is a legal version of a flavored moonshine (as opposed to a straight up unflavored moonshine. They also produce Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine. Triple-distilled in a hybrid copper pot/column still with a corn whiskey base (read predominantly corn with malted barley). It reflects a style favored in the area for flavoring and taste (for those who don't know, a fair amout of moonshine is flavored - it's not necessarily just straight corn whiskey).

Appearance: Clear, somewhat thicker body to it than straight corn whiskey. Even coat on swirling, droplets slowly forming and a few legs - somewhat oily body for a whiskey.

First Impression: Sweetish corn and a whispers of barley, overlaid with apple/peach, vanilla, and allspice sweetness.

Taste: Spicy, sweet and a touch aromatic, with the apple pie and vanilla spice coming to the fore. Quite smooth with lingering sweet finish.

Drinks: Quite useful as a mixology item - trade out your vodka with this in a number of drinks.

Something relatively light like a Conneticut Wrapper.

Bottle: Stretched out jug at first glance- off white cream colored bottom and brown top.
Looks a little like a cross between a american jug and a stone genever bottle. Nicely done and stands out on your bar shelf.

Final Thoughts: An interesting spirit even if I can't get personally hugely excited about it- bit too spicy and sweet for me but much better than any mass produced product that is shooting for a similar taste. Great product to play with- lots of possibilities for mixing and well made product.

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