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American Whiskey - Midnight Moon Moonshine


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Midnight Moon Moonshine
Piedmont Distilleries, Madison, North Carolina

PROOF: 80 (40%) 
TYPE: Carolina Moonshine

PRICE: $ 19.99 - 750 ML 


: Made in a small (seven person) distillery in North Carolina, this whiskey is a legal version of moonshine (a straight up unflavored moonshine). They also produce Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine. Triple-distilled in a hybrid copper pot/column still with a corn whiskey base (read predominantly corn with malted barley). It reflects a style favored in the area for taste as there are regional differences (not to mention the difference between selling and drinking whiskey but we will explore that topic sometime later).

This is a moonshine but being triple-distilled (and and to a high proof ), it is in many ways more like a vodka (and I don't mean that in a derisive way) so a number of my comments will reflect that. A product distilled at a lower proof (say around 120-140 proof) would also qualify as moonshine, but also as corn whiskey or corn liquor of the older, more traditional type.

AppearanceClear, sparkling look to it, thin even coat to the glass, long legs forming quickly, then some droplets.

First Impression: Sweetish corn, with some malted barley and some complexity to the nose. Clean, slightly plump nose to it and a slightly fatty body giving it a nice roundness.

Taste: Smooth, a touch sweet,and a little aromatic/spirity. Slightly nutty, vanilla, buttery/fatty tastes to it with a drying, stony fade to it. Smooth and charming.

DrinksTrade out your vodka with this for any drink calling for vodka. Infinitely better than most vodkas out there with a slightly sweet taste and nice rubenesque body to it. Would also be wonderful for infusions for all the above reasons.

Cigars: Something relatively light like a Connecticut Wrapper.

Bottle: Clear glass, apothecary or bell jar shaped bottle with heavy glass decanter style bottom. Simple 1930's modern graphics are evocative and
helps the bottle stand out on your bar shelf nicely.

Final Thoughts: Nicely done if slightly atypical for the name (distilled at higher proof with the resulting less flavor).Think of it less as a whiskey and more as a outstanding micro distilled vodka (with far more taste and character). Great quality and price should make it your vodka equivalent of choice - toss the Avian Fashion Victim vodka and use this instead.

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