1,000 Stills White Whiskey

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Nicely done, quality white whiskey that has plenty of taste, smooth and moderately priced – especially for a craft bottle.


Notes: Made by one of the newer New York State distillers Adirondack Distilling Company ( not to be confused with the Lake Placid Distilling Company which is actually located in the Adirondacks). ADK is located in Utica, New York in the foothills of the Adirondacks (meaning you can still get there during winter), Utica is also home to the F.X.Matt Brewing Company. The 1,00 Stills name refers to the Adirondacks during prohibition ( land of 1,000 stills – which it had at least that many by various accounts due to the fact it was a large,rugged and largely forested area). This recipe is descended from one of the moonshiners operating in the area at the time and revived by the company.
Made from New York State corn that is “lightly” aged in wood ( a requirement for the designation of whiskey is at least some contact with wood). They also produce a vodka, gin, and a bourbon .Using a copper pot still imported from Germany

Appearance: Clear silvery appearance, On swirling it leaves a nicely oily coat on the glass with the edge line thickening

First Impression: Deep corn/grain notions off notes, very pleasant bouquet with whiffs of alcohol very much in background and no off notes. Well done distillation and cuts !

Taste: Nice, thick oily body with an almost glycerin like entry, and a slightly sweet then drying cornmeal/grain with just the right touch of drying and heat in the lingering finish

Drinks: Works well int the standard white whiskey drinks, also is a grainier and more flavorful stand in for a vodka, especially for things like a Bloody Mary.

Bottle: Almost craft industry standard bell shaped apothecary/bell jar shaped heavy bottom glass decanter with short neck,Composite cork with white plastic topper.Printed paper wrap around label with photo of an  antique/vintage abandoned panel truck

Other: Gluten free ( as reported by the company  – We cannot verify any claims, make your own decisions)

Final Thoughts: Overall a pleasant and nicely distilled white whisky made from New York State corn and water.

Nicely done , fairly simple website with fair amount of information about company, products, small section of recipes and list of where you can buy their products.
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