Bohemian Bonfire American Peated Single Malt

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 9
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Proof: 128 (59%)
Age: Under 4 Years
Price: $60 750 ML
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One of he the Distillery Series of Single Malt Whiskies. Aged in French Oak and an extreme profile.


Notes: Lost Spirits Distillery is probably one of the most amazing distilleries I have ever visited. I had the chance to vista there a few years ago after Bryan (Davis and Joanne ( Haruta) moved back to the states after selling their distillery in Barcelona which produced that wonderful Obsello Absinthe and Barcelona Gin a few years ago. Since then he moved to Salinas California and had been producing some amazing whiskies such as the Leviathan I, Leviathan II, Leviathan III, and this their Bohemian Bonfire, all ultra smoked whiskies produced in an extremely unique hand built still,  another absinthe that we have not tried yet, and now their Navy Strength  Rum.

This particular whiskey (single malt) is part of their Distillers Series which is a highly rare small batch series. This one is aged under 4 years and barreled in used French Oak casks. Only 160 bottles of this were ever made.

Appearance: Clear honey gold, like a high grade amber. On swirling it leaves a thin coat on the glass with thick drops forming on the edge line then thin legs appearing quickly.

First Impression: Peat bomb ! Intensely peaty but in a different non iodine way than an Islay Whisky. This whiskey is extensively ( 80 to 90 parts per million) peaked with Canadian Peat which while having a lot of the same peat characteristics lacks the iodine and brine that most people fell strongly about in a good or bad way. Whole different form of peat altogether. Alcohol, although high (59%) is masked/muted quite a bit by the intense peat.

Taste: Of course very peaty with an outstandingly oily entry with a very smokey dry peat note with honey sweetness and vanilla modifying what would otherwise be a palate buster. Citrus and a blend of Yenidje and Gauloise Blue tobacco come to mind among other things along with a whiff of Djarum clove tobacco and just a touch of nutmeg.

Drinks: Makes an intense Blood and sand variation among other things, But best enjoyed on its own/

Bottle: Heavy crystal type glass choice leads to s nice almost sparkling, clear glass bottle cylindrical brandy style in overall shape with a notably heavier clear glass foot to it gong it a  more prestige look and superior balance. Matt black neck capsule with a natural cork with ribbed topper l for easy opening but secure storage. Also removing that natural cork invokes an almost Pavlovian response – at least to us.  A simple wrap around label with tasteful graphics  subtle shading and color choices .

Cigars: Diamond Crown Maximus or Opus X  hold up nicely and provide an accomponement to this outstanding malt whiskey

Final Thoughts: A very much love it or hate it kind of whiskey, we find it bracing, intense, and like sex and death, best  savored in moderate amounts.


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