Celtic Malts Spirits Glass

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A well made,delicate but durable nosing, tasting, and cocktail glass all rolled into one.

Item: Celtic Malts Spirits Glass

ITEM TYPE: Glassware, Professional, Nosing Glass
MAKER:Celtic Malts
COST: $31.99 US Per Pair (Plus Shipping)

Overview: One of the few noteworthy new additions to professional grade glass ware for spirits without the usual pricing structure. Designed as a tasting and nosing glass.

Appearance: Well made, no mold marks (glass is blown) well polished with a thin (but not overly fragile) lip. Dimensions: height 6 inches, lip 2 inches, bowl 3 inches. Small but sturdy button type foot with durable (but not overly thick) stem long enough for most hands but not too long so as to affect balance. Capacity is 7 ounces. Looks vaguely like a Hurricane glass at first glance but the proportions are quite different

First Impression: Fits the hand nicely, decent balance. Base, bowl fits the palm being easy to enclose fully for warming .Glass is thin enough to warm the spirit quickly, but not thin enough to crush or break easily.

Testing: Nice fit to the hand. Doesn’t look as pretentious as a snifter, easier to hold than a Reidel Spirits Glass for an extended period. Small enough for tasting, big enough for a cocktail.

Cons: Can over-concentrate the bouquet of some spirits heavy or overly aromatic spirits may give you TMI or overwhelm you nose. Will also mercilessly show off faults of cheap spirits. Slightly harder to hand wash and dry than some other designs.

Final Thoughts: A well thought out piece of equipment for the spirits enthusiast for less than a shot of good whisky-and about ½ the cost of a Reidel nosing glass. You wouldn’t drink a good wine from a jelly jar, so why not give an expensive bottle of spirits a similar treatment? A well made glass sufficiently different that would be well worth clearing some space in your glassware cabinet. Treat it like your wine glasses in a way – try it against your regular nosing/drinking glasses for each spirit to achieve the best fit (just as a white wine glass doesn’t work well for a red wine some spirits are better suited for this glass.) For those that it does work for it is wonderful and helps you get the most out of that bottle. Would make a great gift for anyone who takes their spirits seriously and not expensive enough to make them afraid to use it.

Web site: Two places to shop for it at present. Amazon for retail ( with link below), and for wholesale order please contact Riannon Walsh directly at

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