Dutch Spirits Prohi -Bitters Cocktail Bitters

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 7
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Proof: 120 (60%)
Price: $19.95 4 Oz Bottle
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A well done citrus/bitter orange bitters.

Notes: Made in the original Dutch Schultz Bootleg Distillery in Pine Plains, New York, Where moonshine for New York Cities thirsty masses where longing for alcohol during the long dark night of prohibition in this country (1919-1933). Restored (at least most of it – some of it remains off limits due to insurance) and revived Dutch’s Spirits now produces a series of three bitters, this the Prohi-Bitters,  Colonial Cocktail Bitters, and Boom Town Cocktail Bitters along with Dutch’s Spirits New York Sugar Wash Moonshine.

Appearance: Clear gold brown, well filtered so as not to be a muddy mess like some bitters. 

First Impression: Citrus and spice with a pleasing citrus oil and bitterness of numerous spices,orange,lemon,licorices,coriander,bay leaves ?, orris root, maybe a trace of gentian?

Taste: Bitch slap of citrus and spice that is very reminiscent of a bitter orange type bitter but with more complexity and spice that helps round out the taste and accentuate a drinks characteristics

Drinks: Nicely adds and amplifies to many cocktails, particularly gin based ones adding and blending complex layers of flavor for a more integrated and greater whole. Also gave a nice spin to rum drinks, chocolates, and the occasional whiskey drink.

Bottle:  Comes in two sizes that are very different from each other.The 1 OZ size (that is found in a 3 pack of Prohi -Bitters, Boomtown, and Colonial) for $15.95 comes in a very dark brown pharmaceutical bottle with a very high grade nylon dasher insert that delivers a 3 drop dash quite consistently. The 4 OZ bottles are the same shade of glass but have dropper caps for more precise dosage or placement of bitters ( quite useful for Pisco Sours and such)

Other: A gin martini is not right unless it has some orange/citrus bitters in it. 

Final Thoughts: Well worth buying and experimenting with to determine or discover the best cocktails to use it in. Very well made, versatile, and packed with chosen,distant flavors , it is a delight to use.


Decent easy to navigate website if lacking the obsessive detail we like in a website. Amusing story behind the complex is covered in some detail.

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