Glenrose Apple Shine

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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Fresh From The Still
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A light, almost delicate apple brandy. Very small batch and handmade.

Notes: Made from 7 different varieties of New York Apples and distilled 4 times, then cut with springwater from their well to 80 proof then bottled.

Glenrose is a small distillery even by micro distillery standards – they only had a 4 plater 30 gallon multipurpose still from Artisan Distiling.  They just recently  added a 100 gallon Bain-Marie multipurpose from StillDragon and a small home brew experimental rig.
Using a variety of 8 different New York State apples which are pressed by hand at the distillery the father and son team of Jim and Matt Sloboda ferment the resulting juice and distill it in their Moonshiner Company hybrid pot stills after ruining it through a copper stripping still.

Appearance: Sparkling clear, on swirling it coats the glass nicely with a thin edge line that then retreats into droplets

First Impression: Crisp, clear, apple scents with some nice apple skin/oil notes waft gracefully from the glass. Smell like you are peeling an apple.Very little alcohol is readily apparent , just a smooth apple bouquet

Taste: Very smooth entry with a somewhat light slightly acidic entry with just a touch of sweetness and drying on the tongue, with a heavier apple presence towards the end with a lingering, pleasant finish

Drinks: Best enjoyed on its own, either on the rocks or chilled to be appreciated at its fullest. Also works as a mixer but a subtle one. One thought is of course with a decent sparkling apple cider to add some depth and complexity ( not to mention alcoholic backbone ). A white wine or apple sangria might be an excellent way to have a more relaxed afternoon.

Bottle: Clear glass jug in the shape of an antique ceramic jug, down to the cylindrical body then a shelf to the rounded shoulder leading to the finger ring and short neck. Heavier decanter type bottom lends an attracticve appearance and adds a nice sense of heft to the bottle.  Large ½ wrap plastic label looks like paper with better abrasion and spill resistance so bottle stays looking nice.Leaf and branch scrollwork border the main graphic of their logo and apple drawing to make a distinctive label that can be spotted at a distance. Label is easy to identify and read, also attractive and catches the eye. Stand out on a bar or store shelf. Closure is a natural cork topped by a disk of finished wood and a clear plastic neck capsule.

Other: Check their Facebook or website pages for updates. Glenrose also produces an  aged Applejack or Apple Brandy, 2 Pear Brandies,   Batch 1 and Batch 2, Snow Devil Gin , an unaged whiskey , and several editions/releases of their Old Saloon Four Grain Malt Whiskey ( we reviewed Barrel/Batch 111, and 14 ) along with a truly outstanding Absinthe made in the Pontarlier Style. Check their Facebook or website pages for updates.

Final Thoughts: Nicely done and very smooth. While not the most heavy duty of an apple brandy, it was not designed or made to be so. It is an exceedingly easy drinking tipple with a great apple flavor

Fairly simple and straightforward webpage- easy to navigate and full of humorous drawings too.

Facebook Page
More up to date with more photos, events, etc., ( Whose isn’t?)

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