Microplane Bartenders Garnishing Tool

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One of the few multitools that does everything it is supposed to do.


Notes: Made by Microplane ( a division of Grace Manufacturing in Russellville, Arkansas) , This is a new multifunction tool for bartenders or anyone else that needs to zest, grate, or open a bottle.Formerly only available at Williams and Sonoma , it is now available on Amazon ( see below for link).

Appearance: Brushed stainless steel roughly 5 1/2 inches long by about 2 inches wide, more or less on piece of stamped steel (18 gauge?) with a rubber edging. Zest/garnish  tool at the top, grater in the middle, bottle opener at bottom with half moon hanger or lanyard hole.

First Impression: Fits hand nicely, big enough to find easily but small enough to carry easily.

Testing : Used it on all manner of fruits and a few vegetables  both carved and grated zests/garnishes, opened numerous bottles and ran through commercial dishwasher . Tested over 3 month period

Results: Works well, quite sharp and precise, hard steel does not dull easily and maintains a good edge, repeated use then washing in commercial dishwasher does not seem to effect it at all.Zests/grates quickly without digging into pith.Bottle opener function is good if not great.

Pros: Well made, good multipurpose tool.

Cons: Could use a slip off  or pop on cover for grater – otherwise do not put in pocket – especially with anything else you don’t won’t scarred up quickly.

Other: Model # 41950

Final Thoughts: Nicely made tool that will stand up to a lot of abuse. A little pricey for what it is but excellent quality tool that is vey satisfying to use.

Website: http://us.microplane.com
Straightforward website that shows all their tools,kitchen,woodworking, and personal along with those instructions that you threw out.

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