Ron de Jeremy Rum – One Eyed Spirits,Round Rock,Texas

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 6
Age: 7 Years Old
Price: $35.00 750ml
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You can’t be the first to taste Ron Jeremy – but you can be next.

Notes: This rum is proof that not all the ideas one has in a bar in Amsterdam are ill advised and/or can end up as potentially embarassing video on the internet. This one turned out to be a good idea and an amusing video on the internet. Concieved by two guys in a bar in Amsterdam (who connected the droplets between the Spanish word for rum (Ron) and the famous porn star Ron Jeremy), and celebrity spokepeople/products they decided to reach out to Mr. Jeremy and see if he would like a rum named after him. After that deal was hammered out they needed to find a rum to fit a rather large pair of shoes (or should I say pants?) to fill.

They reached out to Fernando “Pancho” Fernadez who is one of the leading distillers and blenders of rum in the world and an expert on sourcing and creating a rum blend.

Appearance: Luscious translucent light copper gold color clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs develop on swirling along with droplets, then changing to mostly droplets.

First Impression: Nicely heavy spicy bouquet to it , slightly woody and sweet, spicy but dryish nose, nicely complex.

Taste: Spicy, medium bodied, touches of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, butterscotch,cocoanut and mace. Oily nuts with spicy tail to it, the slight sweetness is tempered with oak, vanilla, tobacco and char all leading to a pleasantly lingering finish.

Drinks: Fair amount of naturally occurring spiciness from the rum itself. Great for Tiki drinks where you need a somewhat spare dry rum not some black syrup. Makes a very respectable and adult dry daiquiri. Excellent in almost every rum drink we tried including ones that called for (shudder) spiced rum.

Cigars: A nicer grade of cigar – like a Gurkha, Rocky Patel or Hemingway series natural wrapper.

Bottle/Packaging: Apothecary-style clear glass with heavy decanter style bottom gives it a nice heft and feel pseudo parchment paper label with a younger (charitable?) Ron Jeremy portait on it. Black foil capsule with “RJ” in script on sides and top with a plastic topped composite cork.

Other : It should be noted this review is about the limited edition version which can only be ordered over the internet and not available in stores. For US orders go to and global orders please contact :

Final Thoughts: A very nice rum that is much in the Cuban style – a touch spare, honest, and interesting without being overdone. You are paying a premium for the novelty ( personally I think it should be about $10 less per bottle) but unlike Donald Trump, I don’t mind contributing to Ron Jeremy  and he is a helluva lot more honest and upfront about his products. So style points for not being a hypocritical greed head like Trump – Ron sell his ass and name with sincerity and honest effort.

You can’t be the first to taste Ron Jeremy – but you can be next.

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