I’m Going to Rehab

No , not that kind. Sorry to disappoint my critics. I’m happy with my current level of alcohol consumption. I am having to go to another kind of rehab for a occupational hazard.

As an inveterate collector, sampler and reviewer of all things alcoholic I bring back a fair amount on my trips to just about anywhere.Unfortunately, it weighs a lot, and I’ll be damned if I am going to hand it over to the airlines to steal or smash any of my souvenirs.

It seems I tore my shoulder out lugging my carry on baggage. It seemed OK for a few weeks afterward but after a while, I couldn’t hold a Martini in my right hand for more than 5 minutes.That was the breaking point, I was forced to admit I had a problem and that it was taking over my life- I was powerless to stop it.I had to believe in a higher power – that being rehab and therapy-not spiritual but physical, at times very physical.

So far it seems to be working I can hold a Martini glass again but I can’t shake a cocktail shaker with that over the shoulder shake – yet.With time and money, I hope to get back in form.