Century Pittsford Nicole’s Liquor Store Review

The much delayed, much anticipated Pittsford Century, Nicole’s Liquor Store is now Open.
Wegman’s Does Wine the Same Way they do Sushi or Anything Else-
Badly.corporate, soulless, Potemkin Village. It has that Wegmans feel, take something and corporate manage it to death – like their sushi, cheese or natural foods, lets bulk up on questionable cheap products that are mediocre and serve them up in an overly big, brightly lit store that has much charm, interest or fun as a cat litter (but to be fair, cleaner) ignoring interesting products or doing any research to find truly good products.

The selections are uninspired, the selection LOOKS big but is not- they have a lot of the same product side by side to bulk up space but the selections are lacking.
Where are the artisanal items, small production, interesting or quirky things? What about all the new and interesting products out there? This place is a homogenized, pasteurized and antiseptic version of a store with no soul.
The information desk has 1 computer to look things up, the spirit books selection is poor to middling.

I won’t do a point by point critique of each area but it was uninspiring, unimaginative, and unexciting- not to say boring and lacking.

As to their tastings, the stuff they had in the spirits section today was undrinkable kiddie Koolaid with regretable vodka.On their opening day, they chose this?
Even the ABC chain liquor stores in Florida do a lot better job in terms of breadth of selection.

Yeah, it looks flashy, big, supposedly great but I wouldn’t go back. After all this, I’ll probably be banned from the property anyway!