"We Don’t Have Things Like This In The Third World"

Wednesday July 8th Evening – Thursday July 9th Morning

“We Don’t Have Things Like This In The Third World ”
-Dr Rodolfo Fernandez

The evening started tamely enough and slowly decayed into another another walking into the dawn, “I swear I will never do this Again!”, debacle .

Dinner was with the crew from Baddish PR and Remy Cointreau at Mr B’s across the street from the Monteleone – surprisingly a number of people in the dinner party were drinking Tourment Vert (the only absinthe/pastis on the menu admittedly) including myself. It really did taste fairly good with lots of ice (OK I was dehydrated and ready to drink almost anything at that point that was cold – but still…).
After a lovely dinner with the crew it was time to go out and see what parties there were on offer for the night- funny the idea of sleep doesn’t occur during Tales for most of us it seems…
First there was the Beefeater 24 party at the Roosevelt, a somewhat jarring change from the plush , classy and and low key celebration they held last year for Desmond Payne’s Jubilee . This one was full of techno music,suckling pigs, and lots of dancing (in no particular order). The new Beefeater 24 was the spirit of the hour and many different types of drinks were available to showcase this new gin – all of which seemed quite nice and were presented in great profusion to any and all who wished to sample them.

It probably was a particularly bad omen that we were dancing with a mime before 9 PM – dancing with a mime at any hour would have been a bad omen of things to come but before 9 well….
After that lamentable spectacle we proceeded downstairs to await the opening of the Hendricks Burlesques Show, bumping into several luminaries such as Dale DeGroff and Simon Difford. We also knew at this point that if Gary Regan was not here, at this event, he was either dead or seriously MIA.