The 2000 Euro Ramos Gin Fizz Part 2

We got to the Bar 47 @ Hotel Chateau Frontenac around 10 PM or so. Lovely Bar on the corner and attached to the hotel. Nice selection of spirits, very nice drinks menu and wonderful little bar set in this 4-star hotel. Ugo Frabbeti is the bartender there- an excellent, world class bartender and outstanding host. Ugo will do anything and will meet your most demanding and elastic desires in order to make sure you have exactly what you want.
It is because of this that the title is what it is.
Joan ordered a Ramos Gin Fizz- both because she loves them and it was on the menu…

What they neglect to mention on the menu is that the hotel does not supple Ugo with eggs.

Ugo has to break into the kitchen to get his egg, Crawling through a window and around other thing s to actually gain access to the refrigerators where they lock down the eggs. When he was coming out the egg in hand (left) someone else came in and the door whacked his hand – breaking his hand in 2 places.
While we were unsure about this at first hoping it was just a sprain or minor dislocation, he was in extreme pain but he did not lose or crush the egg. He also gamely insisted on trying to make the Ramos, and when shaking proved too excruciating other help was pressed into service- the clerk from the front desk.
Meanwhile, I stepped behind the bar and poured Ugo a double gin for the pain and we iced the hand in the hopes of reducing the swelling and pain.

After the clerk proved to not be suitable ( and he had to go back to the desk) I took over bartending until around 2 AM Which was a lot of fun, as the bar only had a few people and we were able to keep them served no problem. At some point, someone ordered in some pizza and the bar continued until the end around  Ugo remained bravely and gamely on station until the end. At which point he went to the emergency room to have his hand looked at – hoping there would be a beautiful nurse he could fall in love with- more on that later.