Lake Distilling, Kings Ferry, New York Visit

We have just come back from our visit to one of New York States larger new distilleries in Upstate New York near Ithaca.
An impressive facility that while compact, is capable of making over 1 million cases of spirits a year. Lake Distilling is very much state of the art being computerized and the plant itself being mostly stainless steel column stills, tanks and very impressive filtering arrays. Pictures from our tour can be found here
Lake Distilling stated about one year ago and its main product is vodka from local white winter wheat both organic and non organic, along with grain neutral spirit (GNS) , gin and other products by contract distilling and bottling services.
One of the more interesting points about the distillery is their sealed and fairly cold fermentation of their wheat mash. As David Smith the managing director points out – if you do a colder and slightly longer fermentation you get a more controlled fermentation with less by products such as congeners and other products that you would have to filter and distill off afterwards, so by be careful and controlled you are starting with a cleaner product in the first place leading to a cleaner and higher quality spirit.

They are also coming out with their own vodka product lines in a few weeks.

The link to their website is here