Siembra Azul Rolls Out Two New Extra Anejo Tequilas

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JALISCO, MEXICO – The producers of Siembra Azul, one of the most distinguished families of artisan, small-batch tequilas to emerge in recent years from the town of Arandas in Mexico’s Highland region, are pleased to announce the addition of two new Extra Añejo tequilas to their critically acclaimed line of products. Honoring centuries of time-honored tradition, the ultra-premium spirits, Suro Extra Añejo, and Piñera Extra Añejo were distilled from slow-ripened Agave Tequilana Weber Azul, cultivated and harvested by highly skilled hands in the famed tequila producing region’s “Golden Triangle” before being painstakingly rested for years in virgin oak barrels to develop an uncompromising depth of flavor.

“Like the carefully nurtured, and slow-ripened blue agave that’s the very foundation of Siembra Azul, the release of these two splendid, aged tequilas is the fruit of many years of hard work and dedication,” says Jalisco-born David Suro-Piñera, who founded Siembra Azul in 2005. “We took what’s already widely regarded as a pristine spirit, Siembra Azul’s Blanco, and under close watch and constant care, aged it in virgin oak barrels to produce a series of even superior products, each marked with a deep flavor complexity that’s worthy of our ‘Future of Tradition’ philosophy.”

Suro Extra Añejo is aged for five years in proprietary charred, virgin oak casks wrought from old growth trees harvested from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. The combination of meticulously cultivated blue agave, precision distillation, and well-regulated aging, all carried out under the direction of Suro-Piñera and the all-star team of industry experts he’s recruited over the years, has resulted in an exceptional aged tequila with a deep golden glow, and a complex flavor profile that offers hints of dried apricots, backed by caramel, spice and smoke.

Siembra Azul is also introducing a limited release of Piñera Extra Añejo. The initial small lot was culled from Siembra Azul’s very first production run in the fall of 2005, and laid down in charred virgin French oak barrels for the last seven years. The subsequent result is a deep amber spirit that is sweet and spicy on the nose, and reminiscent of sauternes. On the palette it reveals hints of stone fruits, like apricots and prunes intertwined with butterscotch, almond and orange peel. This introductory release is extremely limited, and only 200 bottles exist. In years to come, more will become available. Piñera Extra Añejo is available in select markets.

Since launching in 2005, Siembra Azul tequilas have earned an impressive assemblage of accolades and critical praise from various media outlets. They have been featured in Food & Wine, Saveur, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, New York Times, Miami Herald, Washington Post, and Washington Times. Noting the “agave’s grassy zing… still vibrant through the almost brandied amber elixir,” Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LaBan calls the Suro Extra Añejo a “collector bottle for sure,” and “one of the most exceptional spirits you’ll ever taste.”

Siembra Azul’s trademark, “The Future of Tradition,” is also the mission of its founder, restaurateur and acknowledged tequila expert David Suro-Piñera, who has tirelessly traveled the world since founding the brand in 2005, conducting orientation seminars, teaching consumers as well as those in the spirits trade, and the hospitality industry about the rich history, and time honored traditions of tequila production in Mexico. Driving this endless pursuit is Suro-Piñera’s passionate campaign to position tequila as one of the greatest and most complex spirits in the world.

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