Iron Smoke Distillery Mixes up a Cocktail of Relief

Exciting news from Rochester-based Iron Smoke Distillery!

In addition to producing hand sanitizer for communities in need, Iron Smoke has launched a website called SmokeOutCOVID19 (, with the goal of connecting displaced bartenders with tipping patrons to bridge the income gap created by the coronavirus. Bartenders can make a free account and post drink recipes or instructional videos. They’re encouraged to show off their creative side and have fun with it, the same way they would behind the bar. The bartenders can connect their Venmo or Paypal accounts to receive tips from viewers.

Since the launch last week, we’ve seen a fantastic response from bartenders across the country. With dozens of videos to watch and recipes to try, the site offers a plethora of new drinks, fun bartenders to interact with, and a chance to make a difference in the lives of people in need right now.