Tales 2023 Blogging From TheEdge of Madness and Heat Exhaustion

While Tales has always been at the end of July, a historically hot time in New Orleans, I have never encountered temperature outside like this!
Heat index has been the far side of 100 degrees all week, and this is the first time i have encountered the term “Dangerously Humid in a weather report .
Luckily most of the venues are air conditioned but only the drunk,mad dogs ,and the tourists go out in the midday sun-or anytime the sun is up down here .Even the night is a challenge.

Despite all this Tales has, by all accounts, been a success so far this year with robust attendance.

There is a plethora of workshops this year. With the regime change a few years ago the content and focus of the workshops have changed a bit with a lot of new more shall I say political, lifestyle , and health topics than previous Tales of years past.
There are a great deal of workshops and seminars on health and wellness in the bar tending community, identity, and political issues , environmental and sustainability issues in the trade and generally a more holistic approach to our trade.

Unfortunately our media accreditation did not cover many of those workshops so we instead concentrated on the numerous and various tastings that would could get into.