Parker Heritage Collection Release 2023 Limited Edition Bottling

Very smooth andd flavorful, just wish it was a bit older.

Heaven Hill Parker Heritage Collection 16th Edition Fall 2022

An Excellent Bourbon that has an intriguing backstory and proves that innovation can result in bringing back long lost taste profiles, and for some of us, memories…

Parker Heritage 15th Edition Heavy Char Wheat Whiskey Fall 2021

Interesting Wheat Whiskey with a particularly heavy barrel char.

Parker Heritage 14th Edition Heavy Char Bourbon Edition Fall 2020

A bit overdone in the char department for me. Not a fan.

Parkers Heritage Collection Release Number 9 Whiskey

Interesting and well made, but not to my personal taste.

Parkers Heritage Number 8 Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

Much like your favorite old uncle very interesting , charming, and a touch of eccentric in many interesting ways but not so odd that you avoid them but rather seek out their company.

Parkers Heritage Collection 7th Release Promise of Hope

A nice if not spectacular bourbon. Part of the money you spend is donated to an excellent cause. So when has NPR offered you a deal like that?

Parkers Heritage Collection 2009 3rd Release or Golden Anniversary

Damned lovely whiskey. Please bury me with a bottle of this.

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection The Third Edition 2024 Release

Damn fine bourbon, but hard to find and pricey. But this of course could be said about almost any whiskey worth drinking these days sad to say !
If you compare it to say Pappy Van Winkle 15 I would grab a bottle of this . An under appreciated whiskey !

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch No. A124 119 Proof

A very flavorful and slightly more delicate release than its predecessor (C923) . A little more understated but full of flavor. Well worth seeking out .

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