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Distillers, Rectifiers, Processors, Non Distillery Producers (NDPs), and Spirit Architects  (Oh My !)

Types and Definitions
(1) Distiller 
The term “distiller” includes any person who:
(A) produces distilled spirits from any source or substance,
(B) brews or makes mash, wort or wash fit for distillation or for the production of distilled spirits, other than the making or using of mash, wort or wash in the authorized production of wine or beer, or the production of vinegar by fermentation,
(C) by any process that separates alcoholic spirits from any fermented substance, or
(D) making or keeping mash, wort, or wash, has a still in his possession or use.


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A Modest Proposal on How to Define Craft Distilling Through Information

Disclosures, Good Writing, and Consumer Education vs. Rules and Guidelines
By Christopher Carlsson,

This piece is a result of a long discussion on what defines craft distillation (at a bar, with distillers, of course) and after a full day of us all watching more lying, obfuscation, and innuendo by numerous products and their representatives who knowingly or unknowingly were trying to pass off mass-produced commercial products as handmade or craft at a liquor store tradeshow, I decided to write this up. (more…)

Jim Beam Single Barrel

Type: Single Barrel
Classification: Bourbon
Distillery: Jim Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Clermont , Kentucky
Importer: Domestic – No Importer
Age: Selected by flavor profile rather than age. Best guess for most is between 5 and 7 years old
Price: $34.99 750 ML
Price Range: $30 – $40 (more…)

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Lake Distilling, Kings Ferry, New York Visit

We have just come back from our visit to one of New York States larger new distilleries in Upstate New York near Ithaca.
An impressive facility that while compact, is capable of making over 1 million cases of spirits a year. Lake Distilling is very much state of the art being computerized and the plant itself being mostly stainless steel column stills, tanks and very impressive filtering arrays. Pictures from our tour can be found here(more…)

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New Gear Sections Added

We are now adding to Spirits Review some new categories  to cover our reviews of gear related to adventures in the pursuits of spirits to include ( but not limited to: Cameras, Photography Gear and Accessories, Travel Gear, and Electronics ( for recording and documenting adventures . The items we will be reviewing are oriented to adventures and with emphasis on utility, value, and durability in the field.

Feel free to contact us about reviewing your products and check for our field test and recommendations as we put gear to the test in our continued exploits to document our adventures in alcohol, when we visit distilleries, spirits judgings and events, bars and restaurants, etc.,

Bitter Math

Bitter Math
or How Much Does it Cost to Use a Good Bitter vs. a Cheap One?

This is to settle a long-standing question and try to at least attempt to frame a methodology for deciding on cost-benefit analysis on cocktail ingredients. In plain English – just how much more does it cost to mix a cocktail from top-shelf ingredients than bottom shelf artificial crap. (more…)