While I have a list of over 800 Custom Cocktails on most of which are local, I realized I don’t have a list of the worthwhile cocktail bars concisely listed. In order to address that the following list was created. It is in alphabetical order with notes on particulars that caused me to like and list them. About half of them are restaurants with good bars, the other half straight up cocktail bars with some food ( if any of that matters to you ),


Alibi Lounge July 20th (Day 1 of Tales)

Bar at the Alibi
This is the scene from the Alibi Lounge (815 Iberville) . The Alibi is my second home or base during Tales each year. Contrary to popular belief, I do take a hotel room and do not actually live at the Alibi itself during Tales. I do go to my hotel about twice a day to shower, change clothes, and on rare occasions lie down. It has many advantages over a number of other bars or even the media room for a writer ( or anyone else) who needs a good ( notice I didn’t say nice) place to drink, eat, and hangout with friends at all hours and not be bothered. (more…)

Tales from Tales or “You are assuming I have a sense of shame”


This is a story about how I tried to show that you can’t outdo anyone from Tales, we are professionals, and we have a reputation to live up (down) to.
We went on the walking tour of New Orleans Bars Sunday afternoon (after the Hemingway Memorial Bar Crawl) and were in the oldest Gay Bar in the United States – Cafe Lafite in Exile it goes down hill from here….read on if you must…


Spirits Review Blog

Spirits Review Blog

Hello to Everyone,

This is our first piece on this blog beyond the test we did earlier today.

Well we finally have started to get the webpage up and out there for the drinking public and we are of course already a bit behind.

We hope to have more reviews done this week and a RSS newsfeed set up in the near future to provide daily new content on our page. (more…)