Wine Section Expanding

Again in response to popular demand, we will be starting or should say expanding, our wine review section.while our focus is on distilled spirits for the most part, we do enjoy and will review wine and beer on the site.
The reason we have not done much with wine or beer on this site, is there are so many other ones out there that cover wine and beer in order to specialize. We pretty much stuck with distilled spirits. However, we have now decided to take them on, at least in a limited way, with our main focus still being on distilled spirits.

Spirits Review Blog

Spirits Review Blog

Hello to Everyone,

This is our first piece on this blog beyond the test we did earlier today.

Well we finally have started to get the webpage up and out there for the drinking public and we are of course already a bit behind.

We hope to have more reviews done this week and a RSS newsfeed set up in the near future to provide daily new content on our page. (more…)