World Breastfeeding Week Cocktail

World Breastfeeding Week Cocktail
Regan Gin Fizz (Variation on of course Ramos Gin Fizz)
Named after Gary Regan – the ONLY reason being that Gary always tells me I have to much time on my hands when I indulge in strange or pointless projects- no other reasons expressed or implied.

2 oz Aviation Gin
1oz agave syrup,
.5 oz fresh lemon juice,
.5 oz fresh lime juice.
1 egg white
1.5 oz human breast milk (hind milk is best)

Shake madly with ice for 2 minutes.
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What I’m Reading Lately- and Can Reccomend

There have a been a few really excellent cocktail books out there lately amidst all the dross: First one is “How’s Your Drink ?” by Eric Felten, a second highly recommended book is David Wondrich’s “Imbibe !” and the third and last Is Simon Difford’s Cocktail Guide #7 While there are vast differences in the style and content of all three books they share a few common traits; They are all immensely well written,readable, entertaining,and useful in a practical sense If you buy any or all of these books for yourself or as gifts it is money well spent and whoever gets them will enjoy, and perhaps more importantly use them – maybe even to mix a cocktail or two for whoever got them the book(s).
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