2nd Annual Whiskies of the World Expo Austin

Big whisky show is coming back to Austin!

Austin, October 2, 2013, 6-10pm, Austin Music Hall.
Progressive and vibrant, Austin is known for having more festivals, shows, and other types of gaiety per capita than any other city in US. But until recently, it was missing something…
Good news for all of us whisky lovers and artisanal spirits appreciators-Whiskies of the World, the oldest and most original whisky tasting event of San Francisco, is bringing its whisky vigor to Austin, for the second grand year. Those who experienced our inaugural festival know what they’ll be entitled to: sampling of literary flood of whiskies, from your conventional whisky fix to the new and exciting whisky releases, often hard-to find or first-on the market. The whisky rivers will originate from everywhere: as close as Texas to as far as Australia and India. As always, you’ll be able to sample your way through them to choose the new picks for your liquor cabinet…and to approvingly nod to the old favorites already in there. Not the least factor to the success of your whisky casting is meeting with the global whisky ambassadors, master distillers, et all, and learning about the different production, aging, and maturation processes that make each whisky, its flavors and aromas, unique. After such an extensive outside guidance, plus the inside one, conducted by your own palate, the choice of a perfect whisky(s) becomes not so painstaking!
The event promises sumptuous food to keep you satiated between your tasting sessions (and specially created to pair with whisky). Whisky Masterclasses, a way to get real close with the whisky creators, and their creations, will be held all evening long, warm and inviting. Cigar and Whisky pairing and seminar, whisky specialty booths, bumping into the renowned whisky guests from Scotland and other whisky domains. Austin, have you ever done that?
Tickets and

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“Ask A Rum Expert” at Miami Rum Festival

Ask The Rum Expert at Miami Rum Festival

The Miami Rum Festival takes place in mid-April with hundreds of fine rums on display in a 40,000 square foot exhibit hall at the Doubletree Miami Airport Hotel. It’s also an annual gathering of major proportions — now a tradition — for many of the world’s most experienced rum experts.

In addition to their blind tasting sessions in their RumXP competition, the judges of the International Rum Expert Panel today announced they will be on hand at the 2013 Miami Rum Fest Grand Tasting events on Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21 to field questions from consumers attending the event.

Ask The Rum Expert” is a new feature of this annual cane spirit gathering. Participants will tap into the combined expertise of these notable rum hounds — these world travelers and collectors of fine rums — while browsing the isles to evaluate rum samples.

Ask A Rum Expert at Miami Rum FestivalParticipants are invited to visit the RumXPs at their “Ask The Rum Expert” exhibit. All questions are welcome, from the most basic to in-depth inquiries about specific products, distillers, brands or countries of origin. They might just have the answer to your rum-related question.

Paul McFadyen is one of the resident rum experts. He’s traveled to many distilleries, tasted hundreds of rums, and operates a very successful rum bar in the Notting Hill neighborhood of London. Along the way, he has learned how to appreciate fine spirits and picked up secrets and techniques for making rum. “We enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion for all things rum with people that are interested in the subject,” said McFadyen, a member of the International Rum Expert Panel. “We’ll be hanging out at the festival, enjoying the great selection of rums and talking to rum enthusiasts. Stop by and ask us a question about rum. We enjoy engaging in lively discussions about our favorite subject.”

Tickets to the event are $50 per day, which includes evaluating hundreds of fine sipping rums and sampling great rum cocktails, attending celebrity seminars, watching rum competitions on the main stage, browsing the island lifestyle exhibits — and playing stump-the-band with the rum experts.

For more information about festival and the rum experts, call Miami Rum Fest at 305-443-7973 or visit the web site at or

1st Annual Whiskies of the World Expo Austin

Austin, November 2,  6 – 10 PM, Hyatt Regency.
Whisky lovers rejoice; Whiskies of the World Expo is coming to town! The Expo, the first whisky-tasting event of this magnitude in Texas, will be able to treat both the whisky connoisseur and novice alike with hundreds of the world’s most renowned whiskies. Sample Scotch, Irish, American, Texan, Canadian, Australian, Indian, bourbon, single malt, and many other liquid delicacies. Pair dishes from the elegant and sumptuous buffet with your favorite whiskies. Meet and share a dram with the whisky stars, master distillers, blenders, and nosers. Attend fun and informative whisky Masterclasses to learn first-hand and mouth from the whisky experts. VIP hour will feature additional pours and more one-on-one time with the masters. Come and be among the first to learn and experience a night of delicious spirited fun!
Tickets and details:

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