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To All Our Friends,

Spirits Review is now going to undergo a major reorganization for the two months or so. We are doing this so we can have a much faster and interactive webpage when all is said and done.  We will have new reviews up in about one month (many more than usual - one of the joys of the new site) and have other parts of the site (links,adventures, etc.,) on line a bit later along with new sections.

We will still be adding content to this site just not as much while we get the new one ready for launch.

We will also be (finally) accepting advertising on our new site - but only from quality products we actually like and feel comfortable accepting advertising from.
We are spending a lot of time and more money than I care to think about to bring you a brand new look and website so any donations are much appreciated to help, but we are forging ahead to be a better Spirits Review !





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Bitters, Old Men Great in '28 Bitters

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Due to the costs to renovate this page and keep new content coming in, we are swallowing our pride and asking for donations. Any amount is appreciated.

This will in no way affect our reviews or ratings in a positive or negative way. We will continue to be independent and give unbiased reviews. See our disclosure statement and sample statement for more information.