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TITLE: 1001 Questions Every Bartender and Lounge Lizard Should Know How to Answer
Author: Robert Plotkin
PUBLISHER: BarMedia 114 pages
COST: $15.95 US  
TYPE: Reference

A lot of people think of bartending as something you do as a college student or something you do as casual employee. Not so. Today bartending (and all the associated fiscal and legal responsibitlites) is becoming more complex. It's not just about how to mix a drink. Now people want to know about the drink, what's in it , where did it come from, etc. This book is an indispensible guide to test (and answer) your knowledge and avoid being stumped, either on your next shift or next time you go out.

This book is THE quiz book for both common and obscure bits of knowledge, facts, and specifications on just about every facet of alcoholic drinks. Presented in matching,multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank, it is entertaining and highly challenging, if not humbling.

A great way to either settle an arguement or better yet win some money after you master this book and it's contents.

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