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TITLE: And a Bottle of Rum
SUBTITLE: A History of The New World in Ten Cocktails
AUTHOR: Wayne Curtis
TYPE: - Reference / Drinks
COST: $15.60

Overview: A history of the evolution of both Rum and society from the colonial era forward to modern day. Not to be confused with the History of the World in Six Glasses or Rum: a Social and Sociable History by Ian Williams (See our review here). It stands well on its own as a examination of rum as a drink and its changing social context through history with a focus on North America and the Caribbean.

General Review: A very engaging read and a interesting, nay. . . unique way of formatting the different periods of time that he traces out in his book. Filled with a great deal of information laid out in a easy to read,at times humorous manner.

A well written and researched book and a must have for the rum Enthusiast who wishes to talk to anyone else knowledgeably on the subject. The drinks section has a number of excellent rum drinks that you will probably not easily find anywhere else as they cross a long span of time and he is particularly deft at gathering some interesting (and perhaps more important) eminently drinkable recipes.

Please visit Wayne's Web site at: a lot of good information to be found there and some of his current adventures.





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