TITLE: The Complete Book of Spirits:A Guide to Their History, Production, and Enjoyment
AUTHOR: Anthony Dias Blue
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins, 324 pages
COST: $24.95 US  
TYPE: Reference and Tasting Guide

An interesting and concise book on many different types of distilled spirits, how they came about, how they are made and by who, how to taste/drink them, and some tasting notes.

The guide offers a very readable background on each type of spirit, interesting anecdotes, and a tasting guide that is while not exhaustive, covers many of the brands you will encounter in a well stocked liquor store.

Mr. Anthony Dias Blue is the author of several books including The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks, American Wine:A Comprehensive Guide, Buyer's Guide to American Wines. He was also Wine and Spirits editor of Bon Appetit for over 20 years.

Please check out his website at: http://www.bluelifestyle.com


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