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TITLE: Craze: Gin and Debauchery in an Age of Reason
AUTHOR: Jessica Warner
PUBLISHER: Four Walls Eight Windows, 267 Pages
TYPE: Reference
COST: $24.95 US

A serious dissertation on early gin history in England and its social and economic impact on English society in the beginings of the industrial age.

This book traces gin (actually Dutch Genever) which was brought back by the British troops who discovered it in Holland, through its heyday in the 18th-century in England and beyond. Almost no aspect of the social, political, or economic facets of the substance is left unexamined. A bit long-winded for a casual read, but an excellent reference on both gin and drug policy for the crazed scholars of either.

Jessica Warner has written extensively on the history of alcohol and other drugs. Please visit her website at

Value/price rating: