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TITLE: Drinktionary
AUTHOR : Elmo Strutter
PUBLISHER: 552 pages
COST : $ 28.95 *
TYPE: Mixing Manual

General Review: Elmo grew up in Cape Cod, lived in Boston, New York and now, finally, Louisville Kentucky. As a bartender in Cape Cod and Manhattan, he collected this compendium of over 6,000 cocktails.

Nicely alphabetized,indexed - even tabbed into major categories- for speed and ease of use.That being said instructions may be a little terse for novices (buy a couple of more books for background - Gary and Mardee Regan's are always standouts), but refreshingly brief for the more experienced - how many times to you want to reread the same bar setup boilerplate every other book has for padding?

While it lacks the pretty photographs that some books have, it is a very solid reference manual that is well laid out and has more cocktails than most people can concieve. That, with the straightforward organization make it a manual of choice. Big enough not to lose, small enough to carry, with a solid binding. The cover is reasonably stain/spill proof; altogether a great combination.

*There are two ways to buy this book.

1. Amazon - if you want to save money. . .

2. Elmo ( ) if you want to support Elmo without giving Amazon a cut. Please mention this review - I haven't cut a deal with Elmo but at least he will know you read this review. Thanks.



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