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TITLE: Secrets Revealed of America's Greatest Cocktails
SUBTITLE: The Hottest Spots, Coolest Drinks and Freshest Places
AUTHOR: Robert Plotkin
COST: $24.95 
TYPE: Drinks recipes

Spirits master, process sherpa and author Robert Plotkin has published a string of books on spirits, bartending, bar management, service industry issues,etc., each excellent and worth buying. This particular volume covers over 650 drinks, bar reviews (for United States), spirits reviews, and mixology tips.

Over 300 pages of tips, techniques, a massive section on drinks (with pictures), spirits reviews and drinks section covering all the standards,the trendy and a lot of new drinks from various famous bars and bartenders. Solidly bound, hard cover, well laid out, and printed in standard book size format.

Actually stays flat and open when you are using it! Decent grade of reasonably finished paper so you have a chance of wiping it off before it is ruined - So unlike most drinks books, it is easy to read, nicely indexed in various ways, and can be used as a reference for years to come without falling apart.


A great website packed full of extras and bar wisdom - the real kind- not the kind you get from the rummies at the end of the bar.





















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