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Overall rating:

TITLE: ¡Toma! Margaritas!
SUBTITLE: The Original Guide to Margaritas and Tequila
AUTHOR: Robert Plotkin and Ray Flores
PUBLISHER: Bar Media, 107 Pages
TYPE: Mixed- History, reference, and drinks recipes
COST: $16.00

General Review: An excellent book on Margaritas and Tequila for the beginner to intermediate tequila and margarita enthusiast (read those who cannot recite the NOM Distillery list from memory, or want to) starting with history, a solid description of tequila making, and of course, lots of margarita recipes (about 125) along with tasting notes/descriptions, barware tips,glossaries,reference tables and suppliers

A nice point about this book is it explains bartending techniques and how-to's for a outstanding margarita. Slightly larger squareish format makes it an easy it easy to prop open for consultation while mixing.

Very comprehensive for its size, well laid out, and lots of extra reference bits make this a great book to have.






Value/price rating: