1921 Crema de Tequila

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 3
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Proof: 30 (15%)
Age: NA ( but at least one year old)
Price: $36.99 750 ML
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Imagine Tequila Egg Nog and you won’t be too far wrong

Notes: While my experience with the 1921 brand of Tequila is limited ( not sure why – guess it wasn’t around much in these parts), I seem to remember it being a decent brand. Which is why when I saw this bottle turn up on my lawn I did not shudder with horror – I’ve had some extremely bad tequila liqueurs in my day and they have had me testing my vocabulary trying to describe my loathing and contempt.
So it was with a cautious but at least somewhat open mind that I opened this bottle up and sampled it.
Made with  great deal of care from agaves harvested in  the Jalisco Highlands in pot stills after a much longer than the industry standards of slow cooking and fermentation, they make a superior tequila with which they blend a number of essences and flavors to make this flavored tequila liqueur

Appearance: Off white cream color, somewhat thick or cream like in body.

First Impression: Very coffee, Kahlua like with vanilla, candy type cinnamon and spices with strong undercurrent of caramel sugar. Actually made us sneeze from the spices.

Taste: Vanilla,coffee, caramel, and cream with a candied cinnamon Nice earthiness from the highland tequila at the finish brings it back to a nice pleasantness

Drinks: They have a nice selection of recipes for this on their website. While all the ones we tried worked well, I think I might make something a bit less sweet than most of theirs. Mixes well if a bit on the heavy side, but what do you expect from a cream type liqueur ?

Bottle: Definitely one of the odder bottles or packages I have had in a while. Made of dark brown glass ( to protect the contents from sunlight) with a very distinct  square bottom with rounded corners leading to a rounded top section from which spouts a fairly thick neck further topped by a cream colored wax dipped synthetic cork stopper with a nylon ribbon cord tab to open the whole thing.
In the front of the bottle is (set in a recessed/pressed in area) is an arched (OK tombstone like) clay plaque with a bas relief  of an agave with “1921 Crema de Tequila ” in the front with a wrap around paper label near the bottom. This is overlaid in the back with a stick on clear plastic label with all the usual government required information. Above this on the neck is an oval portrait of Maria de Los Dolores Eugenia Collado de Jazo and  a banner saying “Crema de Tequila” with an additional (we suspect for American import labeling) paper band with the ingredients. Overall a square edged and heavy glass bottle I would hate to be facing in the hand of someone else in a bar fight.

Cigar: Not really sure for this one

Other: NOM 1535

Final Thoughts: Nice, interesting, but too expensive for what it is. Frankly between the money and the proof, I’d recommend making something on your own with a bottle of the regular 1921 Blanco and some of your own ingredients  (I’m thinking Vietnamese cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, coffee, vanilla, cream etc.,)


A rather nicely done website with some good pictures and a step by step explanation of exactly how they make their tequila (unlike a lot of the larger brands and many of them for good reasons – they don’t take nearly as many steps or care in their productions)

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