267 Vodka Infusion Olives and Pearl Onions

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 5
Type: ,
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 42 (21%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $25.00 750 ML

A one bottle martini including garnish – convenience in a bottle.

Notes: This vodka is produced in Orange County California. An interesting hybrid of maceration/infusion rather than the usual attempt at flavoring spirits which at best involves extracts, at worst chemical equivalents and dyes.This vodka uses real fruit infused into the base spirit to achieve its flavors. This is part of a series including cranberry,orange, and lemon (and thats just their vodkas).

AppearanceClear, very slightly yellow/tan color, clear with no sediment. On swirling, it leaves a clear coat on the inside of the glass then legs developing.

First Impression: Nice briny smell with a whiff of understated onion. Captures the essence of a mixed vodka gibson very nicely.

Taste: Salt brine, olives and the tart and creamy taset of pearl onions- nothing more and nothing less in a positive way. No overdone brine salt of chemicals. Mild but distinctive; understated but elegant.The lingering finish from both the olive brine and a savory onion aftertaste make for a wonderful,civilized adition to a dirty martini. 267 obviously went for finesse, rather than brute force.

DrinksA outstanding alternative to the gods know how old olive brine from your olive jar. Much more savory and astheticly pleasing than the rancid brine most people use. Pearl onions add a nice hot and aromatic touch. Mixes nicely so you don’t have that unsettling looking liquid rolling around your martini glass that looks like infected sputum that some regular brine resembles.

Final Thoughts: A nice variation on using olive brine for a dirty martini. Problem is, do you like it enough to buy it? Does it have a niche? We are not sure- but it is pleasing to the senses, seeing, tasting and smelling.
Our choice hands down for a dirty martini brine. Well done!

Bottle: Distinctive flattened oval shape and attractive silk screened graphics wire wrap neck wooden cap toppping off the of skewers of onions and the olives drifting at the bottom make for a nice presentation.

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