360 Vodka

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  • Value: 7
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $30.00 - 750ML

Organic but not in a good way.

Notes: This vodka is made from locally sourced American grain (therefore saving the energy and carbon emission problems of hauling in grain from a distant locale) and organically fermented (meaning no genetically modified yeast, phosphates, or anti foaming agents – just plain natural yeast) then distilled 4 times by fractional distillation in a column still, then filtered 5 times through coconut shell carbon. All of this is done with CO2 capturing technology and optimal eco efficiency during the process.

True, there are always a few detractors – the United Nations report on grains conversion to ethanol labeled the entire practice (no matter how green you got) a “Crime against Humanity” – we at Spirits Review do not view conversion of grain to ethanol a “Crime against Humanity” we feel if more grain was used for this purpose maybe humanity might be a little more relaxed and less likely to do those sort of things to each other (if consumed in moderation of course – otherwise, it can rapidly go down hill).

Appearance: Crystal clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin clear oily coat (sign of nice body) on the inside of the glasswith some legs developing then leaving small droplets rather than receding altogether. Viscous look and feel.

First Impression: Clean distillate smell, a touch of sweet floral smell (Lavender?) but no cloying smells. No smell of esters or oils; clean, if a touch harsh at first.

Taste: Slightly oily on the tongue, medium body. Crisp, mild bite to it on the centerline of your tongue. Dry, grain-like aftertaste, with a attractively oily body/mouthfeel. Traces of a grain-like aftertaste with a smooth heat.

Drinks: The martini was good. In other drinks, it played nicely and worked well. A touch more assertive than a number of other vodkas.

Final Thoughts: Unlike a lot of totally, sometimes aggressively, natural products this tastes decent. McCormick (the parent company) has produced a product that is markedly better than what it used to be known for. While we do not understand not using organic grain we commend their efforts on being green.They are a stand out from the usual corporate empires that are churning out oceans of soulless vodka for the masses.

While they are one of the largest producers of grain spirit in the States , they are to be applauded for their environmental efforts – the vodka is not bad also. A much easier sacrifice for the environment than we are used too.

Bottle: Distinctive slightly green clear glass bottle with clean lines and easy-to-handle. Reusable stopper closure with wire bail makes it easy to open and close for years to come. (A screw cap detracts from a presentation in my mind) It shows off the purity of the vodka to good effect. Nice heavyweight bottom give it a nice balance and heft.

As to the environmental stats on the bottle:

The glass bottle is made form a good grade of 85% recycled glass which is highly unusual – most “recycled glass ” uses much less.It is specifically designed so you can reuse it for whatever you like,vase,candle holder etc., and the paper label/seal at top,and wrap around label towards the bottom side labels are chlorine free 100% recycled paper with soy inks and so about as environmentally friendly as you can get.

Another plus is that the labels are easily removable so you can reuse the bottle for whatever (oils, infusions, etc , or better yet water so you can stop throwing those plastic bottles away.) with a minimum of fuss and effort. Even the shipping boxes are reusable .

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