Aeroplano Reposado

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 10
Type: ,
Classification: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 3-11 months
Price: $16.00 - 1 Liter

My choice for a cheap Reposado Tequila

Notes: The import of this Tequila is the result of a fortuitous forced landing of a airplane – hence the name. In 1939 Anton Branif was flying from Veracruz to San Blas with a cargo of goods in a 5-AT Trimotor when he was forced down by bad weather and landed on a dirt road in Jalisco near the distillery. During his sojourn there when taking a break from repairing his plane he toured the Hacienda and distillery and of course tried the tequila. Being impressed with the tequila and sensing a business opportunity he started regular flights to there to buy and import the tequila to other countries.

They use a number of processes that cost more to do but yield an excellent product First is the use of older more mature agave (8-10 years)than others use (mostly 6-7 year olds) and less intensive planting to give the plants more nutrients and sun.They use century old masonry ovens and slowly roast the pinãs. Some of their rivals use live steam or huge steel ovens that look more like lumber drying kilns and cook much faster. The steel ovens don’t yield the same results. Aeroplano also uses a proprietary yeast, double distillation in small batch pot stills using only the center cuts, and careful blending by their Maestro Tequilero to make a excellent product.

This is the oldest expression of this particular line. The other being Aeroplano Blanco which is not aged.

Appearance: Light straw gold, fairly pale, leaves a very thin even coat on the glass. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass with tears and legs forming then droplets.

First Impression: Brine, cilantro, lime slightly vegetal with some vanilla notes.

Taste: Cilantro, alkali tang, black pepper and green peppers, mouth feel; smooth entry but slightly harsh woody finish.

Drinks: Margaritas of course, and Tequila Sunrises. Cheap enough to use and not worry about.

Cigars: Tampa Sweethearts or Flor de y Bor.

Bottle:Square clear glass with planed off edges. Nice looking multicolored label with a drawing of a trimotor plane on it. Distinguished from it’s younger sibling by red and gold highlights on the label. Black plastic neckwrap and screwcap.

Final Thoughts: Priced like a cheap, almost poisonous tequila – but not any where near the rotgut you would expect. Decent if a touch rough but the kind of rough that lets you know you are drinking tequila – not the masochistic I want to hurt myself badly kind of rough. Great for mixing, light years beyond the competition in the under $20 category which is full of tequila I wouldn’t clean my windshield with –  never mind drink. My choice for a cheap Reposado.

Web site

Minimal website – no photos or information about the distillery or production. Just the founding story and pictures of bottles.

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