AGWA De Bolivia

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 6
Proof: 60 (30%)
Price: $31.99 750 ML
Price Range:

Think of it as a Coca Chartreuse Lite and you won’t be far off the mark.


Notes: This is an interesting liqueur brought to you by the same people who import Mickey Finn, and not coincidently in my opinion another chance to use a drug  reference or inference to sell a product. That observation aside, it is an interesting liqueur which uses decocanized Bolivian Coca leaves (similar to Coca Colas use)  as one of its ingredients ( among many others see website for limited list)

Appearance: Clear, bright green like some absinths (as in the Czech Varieties with no “e” on the end ). Colored with the usual suspects to bolster a uniform coloration that is shelf stable.

First Impression: Very aromatic, grassy, herbaceous, citrus, lime, coca alkaloids, mint, star anise, cinnamon, tea, lavender, cucumber. Complex, somewhat interesting.

Drinks: The drinks on their webpage are somewhat less than inspiring. I think it has some definite mixing possibilities as it has a rather complex flavor profile, but this is not reflected in their cocktail recipe section.

Bottle: Tall rectangular clear glass slightly reminiscent of a Johnny Walker or a gin bottle but with planed off edges to it. Silkscreened Red and gold label with antique style paper label make for an attractive and eye catching package.

Other: South American Jaegermeister

Final Thoughts: Interesting, slightly amusing, but too expensive for what it is. More of a novelty/niche product which might have some interesting mixing possibilities but the price, while cheaper than say Chartreuse, is high enough to discourage a lot of experimentation or use. A less sweetened version might make for a very interesting gin.

Overall not a very impressive site. Limited and rather uninspired cocktail menu. Same people seem to be commenting the same comments under each one. Very Frat boy feel to the site detracts from any attempt at this liqueur being taken seriously by anyone other than the young and stupid types.

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