American Fruits Pear Brandy

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Unknown
Price: $27.00 375 ML
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Warwicks pear eau de vie brandy is made from New York pears,excellent, and competitively priced.

Notes: Warwick Valley winery is New York State’s first fruit distillery (since prohibition) located in the Hudson Valley area. Using New York State produce, they produce a wide range of quality products. They also have a winery, cidery and bistro. While we haven’t been there yet, the products we have sampled are wonderful and it sounds like a great place to visit. Warwicks pear eau de vie brandy is made from New York pears .

They also produce an apple brandy, sour cherry cordial, a bourbon barrel aged apple liqueur, a Bartlett pear liqueur, and a black currant cordial as part of their American Fruits series.

First Impression: More an eau de vie-style than some others. Crisp, well defined pear notes with alcohol. Pear skins, woody notes, juicy, almost chewy notes. Slight savory and mineral notes around the edges.

Appearance: Very clear, pristine in appearance. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with long legs developing.

Taste: Smooth oily entry with touch of sweetness, then a little tartness and a pleasant warm of the front part of the tongue and a little on the sides (kind of peppery). Finish is medium and pleasant.

Drinks: Very nice as an aperitif or digestif. Note sure of any specific cocktails for it but it sems like there would be some good possibilities here.

Bottle: Standard clear class 1/2 cylinder 1/2 neck glass brandy bottle with frosted band with pear silhouette and attractive graphics on back. Clear yellow plastic knob top with synthetic cork to better preserve freshness.

Final Thoughts: A very pleasant and mellow pear eau de vie – nice, price is competitive for a spirit of this quality . Another positive is the 375 ML size bottle – you can use it up and not worry about it going south before you reach the end.


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