Angels Envy

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 86.6 Proof (43.3%)
Age: 4- 6 years minimum
Price: $54.99 - 750 ML
Price Range:

Very interesting but atypical port barrel finished bourbon.

Notes: Made in Crestwood , Kentucky under the personal supervision of Lincoln Henderson ( late of Brown Forman and who was in charge of distilling Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels among other spirits in the Brown Forman portfolio). Mr Henderson joined his son and grandson in setting up the new Louisville Distilling Company as a micro distillery dedicated to bourbon.
The most notable feature ( beyond the taste, or maybe I should say one of the causes of its distinct taste) is the use of port wine barrels to finish the bourbon. Prior to this the bourbon had rested  in the industry standard charred white oak casks for between four and six years. While barrel finishing in various woods and barrels is not an entirely unique way to finish a bourbon these days, with more people experimenting with different finishing barrels (a technique pioneered by the Scotch industry) Louisville Distilling does have the distinction of doing it for all their bourbon – not just a side project. They also use locally sourced non GMO grain and mineral rich limestone water – not some tasteless distilled/reverse osmosis water like so many other distillers these days. Fear of flavor is not something you can accuse these guys of.

Appearance: Clear as a bell, lovely Baltic amber copper/gold color on swirling the bourbon leaves a thin coating on the glass that then turns to long legs

First Impression: Vanilla, golden raisins, saddle leather , apricots

Taste: Vanilla, barrel char sobranie tobacco,barrel char,dried fruits, dried figs,melon, sherry/port like notes, slightly sweet start with port notes then lovely long finish with slight drying char notes on the edges of your tongue. In some ways the whiskey is closer to a Scotch given the high amount of char coupled with the port finishing. Not your average bourbon by a long shot.

Drinks:Works in most bourbon or even Scotch drinks well for a nice twist on th classics.

Bottle: Can’t comment on the bottle as we have not seen the production bottle.

Other: Only Port barrel finished bourbon we know of in the world.

Final Thoughts: Lovely if slightly different bourbon. Vive La Difference ! However bear in mind this bourbon is very different from others you have ever encountered


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