B & B Bénédictine S. A., Fécamp, France

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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 12 months
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Benedictine and Otard Cognac in one bottle !

Note: Like all the spirits I review, this was tasted at room temperature for maximum taste and detection of any faults if any in a product. If you chill benzene cold enough you could drink that too (NOT RECOMMENDED!), which is why I try them at room temperature.

The base liqueur is a mixture of over 27 plants, and alcohol made by Benedictine Monks since at least the middle ages (around 1510 A.D.). The monastery it was made in was looted during the French Revolution, and the book containing the secret recipe was sold to a local notable.The book was then resold to Alexandre Le Grande who found and deciphered the recipe for Bénédictine Liqueur. B&B liqueur is made from Bénédictine liqueur (60%) and Otard cognac (40%). See our tour of Otard cognac distillery here.

Bénédictine and Brandy as it was originally known, made by a Barman at “21 Club” as a cocktail and then commercially bottled on December 22nd,1937.

First ImpressionHoney and spices- lots of spices- spicy jam with a slightly syrupy notes and the cognac whispering around the edges.The myrrh and honey seem to play off each other along with the nutmeg, mace, and cardamom .

Appearance: Golden color, (caramel added). Thick-bodied with a few legs here and there on swirling.

Taste: Thick oily entry at first sweet then rapidly getting spicy in a sweetish way (think spice jellybeans) taste that is felt as much as tasted. Cognac component adds a little fire and thins out what would otherwise be a bit sticky of a liqueur. Finish is medium-long and spiciness stays with you to the end.

Drinks: Used in a number of drinks in a style similar to a bitter but in larger quantities. Mixes well but could overwhelm a drink quickly if you are not being careful.

Bottle: School handbell shaped bottle, dark green/brown in color. With a crest on the collar in front and Bénédictine in raised letters on the back collar. Neck foil/cap is white with raised lettering .

Final Thoughts: A decently made spirit of some complexity, caramel coloring (and resulting taste) I am not a fan of this, really, but otherwise, kudos for a interesting spirit.


Nicely laid out, lots of pictures and information.

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