Bacardi Light Mojito

  • Rating: 5
  • Value: 3
Proof: 25 (12.5 %)
Price: $12.99 - 750 ML
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The Diet Coke version of a Mojito

Notes: Most of our notes on Bacardi can be found here.
Bacardi offers a variety of rums of various ages and price points along with a long ( and sometimes frightening) list of flavored rums.They include this the white , GoldAnejo , Havana Club (arguably, see above) and the Solera.They also have a spiced rum called Bacardi Oakheart. In the unflavored line and Big Apple, Limón, Coconut, DragonberryGrand MelonO, Peach, Razz, and Mojito in the flavored line. Not to mention various premixed and ready to drink concoctions – some of which actually contain rum others a malt alcohol or none at all depending on the product or in some cases, country.
This is part of a new series of diet ready to drink fluids. Why they call this a Bacardi Classic Cocktail is quite beyond my comprehension  a Light Mojito ? Really ?

Well anyway on with the review…

In this case it actually does contain some Bacardi Rum, along with a mix of natural flavors, certified colors,caramel and artificial sweeteners. This products claim to fame is 95 calories per serving.

Appearance: A somewhat translucent green color with a certain amount of cloudiness to it

First Impression: Mint  flavored candy with waxy notes, and sweet green herbal notes with whispers of lime

Taste: Mint, citrus, tropical fruit candy and the chemical tang of artificial sweeteners of unknown type . Sickly, chemical strawberry aftertaste with a vaguely unsettling mouthfeel like you have been eating those compressed chemical powder pellets called sweet tarts in liquid form. I hate to think what would happen if you drank too much of this . . .

Drinks: Not designed to be mixed. It is a Ready to Drink to be served over ice. Think of it as a party sized bottle of the stuff that usually comes in 6 packs or in foil pouches

Cigars: Swisher Sweets.

Bottle: Clear glass with applied labels and screw cap opening.

Other : Refrigerate and chill before opening or you will regret it even more. Also refrigerate after opening – and try to keep it out of the hands of children who may be attracted to the fast and color thinking it is some kiddie juice.

Final Thoughts: A very lite ( yes  I mean that word) version of a Mojito. Not for a serious rum drinker. Try to imagine drinking a real Mojito while wearing a condom over your tongue – you get about as much sensation or satisfaction from drinking this stuff. Yes, It might be healthier for you, but it just doesn’t cut it. Another  one of their  concoctions out there for people who love sweet, fruity, candylike alcohol for a cheap price. I’m not saying the underage, but people with similar tastes to the underage. While better than than Strawberry Mojito, it just lacks far too much taste in exchange for low calories. Think of it as the puffed rice cake wafer version of a cocktail. Yeah it is good for you, but has only marginally more flavor than a diet sprite. Also expensive for what it is. Buy a bottle of rum, a few pieces of fruit and make your own.

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