Bacardi Oak Heart Spiced Rum

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 8
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 70 (35 %)
Price: $13.99 750 ML

Actually fairly mild, decently done, and not overly spiced.

Notes: Bacardi offers a variety of rums of various ages and price points along with a long ( and sometimes frightening) list of flavored rums.They include this the white , GoldAnejo , Havana Club (arguably, see link to other notes below) and the Solera. In the unflavored line and Big Apple, Limón, Coconut, DragonberryGrand MelonO, Peach, Razz, and Mojito in the flavored line. Not to mention various premixed and ready to drink concoctions – some of which actually contain rum others a malt alcohol or none at all depending on the product or in some cases, country. Most of our other notes on Bacardi can be found here.

Appearance: Clear gold caramel and char color. On swirling it leaves a relatively thick oily coat with long legs

First Impression: Loads of vanilla, caramel, oak char, baking spices or fruitcake.

Taste: Lots of char, caramel, vanilla, leather, cinnamon, traces of nutmeg, butterscotch, and maple syrup and some whisper of dried fruit.

Drinks: While I don’t use spiced rums much I did make up a number of drinks with it and it seems to play better than the other big boys of spiced rum with less intrusiveness while still adding spice to a drink.

Bottle: Cylindrical with a slightly flared base and relatively short neck. Dimpled clear glass with applied plastic labels. Metallic screw cap and collar finish the package. Somewhat striking and relatively easy to spot.

Other: On the back in small print easily overlooked it says  “protect from sunlight”.

Final Thoughts: Actually fairly decent for what it is. While I am generally not a fan of many spiced rums, this one showed more subtlety than many of its major competitors. It is also cheap enough for the money.


Large collection of links to all their products, recipes, and a few videos. Only comment is not a lot on the actual distillery or flavorings.

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