Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year-old Single Malt Scotch

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Proof: 86 (43%)
Age: 12 Years Old
Price: $45 750 ML L
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Balvenie 12 Year Old Double Wood Singe Malt Scotch Bottle

Very Interesting and complex for the money. Definitely a great deal of taste and refinement for less money than anyone else in that price range.

Notes: The Balvenie distillery was established in 1892 and is owned by the same people who make Glenfiddich. Unlike most Scotch distilleries, it still has its own floor maltings.

The Highlands have a few different sub regions and styles- this one is considered a Speyside by location and style/profile. It is aged in bourbon casks for at least 12 years, then transferred to Sherry casks and checked at 6 month intervals for maturity.

This Balvenie Single Malt Series has a range of malts 12,16, 17, 18, 21, 25 and 50 year-olds and a number of special bottlings. Not as well known as some of the industry heavyweights . Considered by most reviewers as a good to excellent whisky more affordable for the quality across its age range as it is somewhat lesser known.

Appearance: Fresh oat straw, lighter gold in the glass, nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whiskey on swirling (almost no legs to speak of).

First Impression: Peat smoke, honey, heather, malt, nuts, sherry wood comes through.

Taste: Light oily feel to the malt. Medium-weight mouth feel (for a scotch). Peat seems to settle on the midline across the tongue,followed by Oloroso sherry and nuts, a touch of pepper, then malt and heather. Finish is dry, long, and toasty.

Drinks: I like it straight up myself. But makes a good Blood and Sand or a milder Berlin Chief of Station (See Shaken Not Stirred for recipe).

Cigars:Yes, but nothing too heavy – try a Natural Wrapper Joya de Nicaragua or Ashton.

Final Thoughts: A very interesting and complex malt for the money. A chance to try a double wood without breaking the bank.

Bottle: Come in a press board shipping canister with pamphlet. Attractive, if slightly dated looking label (fine with me). Clear glass classic shaped scotch bottle. Dark purple black wrap with dark gold lettering. Real cork closure. Like the whisky, solid quite and understated.

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