Beardbrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil

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Nicely spiced yet discrete oil with citrus scents to make that beard shine and smell good too !

Notes: Beardbrand is a small grooming products company based in Spokane Washington . They make a number of products including  a number of shaving oils, beard oils in different scents,  mustache waxes in a number of scents and formats ( tins and sticks) , and a number of shave and beard soaps. To round out their offering they also have an assortment of gift sets and t shirts too. Made from natural and if it all possible organic or vegan ingredients their products ( unlike many other grooming products which use a host of ingredients that could poison you if taken internally)

Appearance: Sparkling clear, oily,very slightly yellow cast to it.

First Impression:  Pleasant fragrances of grapefruit oil, vanilla oil jojoba seed oil, with a touch of clove – unlike some other oils whose scent clings like grim death.

Testing: Easy to use, Just put some on your palm and smooth it over your beard to work it in a little . Makes your beard smooth and as glistening as an otter, and also tames those wild hairs that want to stick out at right angles to everything else. Easy to apply although a dropper or something similar would be nice. Pleasant  smell to it that is distinctive but not cloying or overwhelming . Allows the beard to be styled a bit more easily and gives a nice ‘Yes, I care about my appearance look’ to your overall style.

Field Use: We used it out in the sun, the rain, and lately the snow and it holds up nicely. Our beard got more notice ( in a positive way) and helped make it look more cared for. The scent also got positive remarks from people who got close enough also.
Do be aware that it is an oil and  may stain or leave a little residue on clothes in the first few minutes after application so be a little mindful of that ( or your significant others clothes ) .

Bottle: Small rectangular  ( 1 fluid ounce) dark brown glass apothecary bottle with silver colored screwcap closure. Interesting approach to labeling in that the label is a ¾ wrap around with the center on one narrow side rather than the front. Has a helpful reminder/level indicator arrow on the side to alert you when it is time to reorder before you run out.A bit minimalistic compared to some packaging we have seen but an attractive package visually.

Other: All natural ingredients – unlike a huge percentage of  commercial grooming products out there. Most others contain some petroleum/hydrocarbon products and other ingredients you wouldn’t use on your cars paintwork, so why put them on your face ?

Final Thoughts: Think of it as a natural conditioner for your beard, softens, shines and adds a little gloss to that beard and distinguish yourself as someone who wears and cares for his beard with pride. Helps set you apart from the homeless and the slovenly beard wearers.


A simple straightforward website with photos, product descriptions that is easy to navigate, easy to read and nicely done in a minimalist style.

Note : They also have a blog with useful grooming types and beard related news at:

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