Billet Aluminum Shot Glass

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Weapons Grade Shot Glass for those who take their hardware/barware seriously.

Notes: Unique Titanium has some very serious and quality gear of all types whether you are into camping,survival,military, or you just want op quality heat that won’t break on you and not break your wallet. While not cheap, a lot of their gear is lower cost than those glossy mens catalogs or other online stores.They are also fast, friendly, and good people who try to find some of the best gear out their and manufacture a number of items themselves.
we already reviewed some of their barware in the form of their titanium drinking straws and stir sticks which are unique and impressive and will now review one of their newest items the billet Aluminum shot glass.
For those who never showed up for shop class, a billet is a slug or chunk or material (kind of like bar stock) that you make something out of. A single piece of material somewhat like an ingot except more finished. Here are the specs on this  glass/cup:
Machined from a solid chunk of 7075 Super Duty Aircraft Grade Aluminum with the hard-core classic style of a traditional shot glass not stamped out or cast in a mold. Serious difference in terms of durability, look, feel, and style over those just better than tinfoil jobs most people sell- a serious shot glass you can be proud of. 2 inch Tall, 1.72 diameter at rim, 1.5 ounce capacity, Custom machined and hand polished here in the USA. Comes in a small smooth white paper box wrapping tissue paper.

Appearance: Shiny. Beautifully polished inside and out to solid bottom with slight flare to top. Small bullseye dimple on the bottom of the cup inside is great for checking clarity.Bottom is flawlessly polished (so no scratches or marks on anything you put it on.

First Impression: While light weight the shot glass has a nice heft and feeling of solidity to tithe solid bottom and subtle flair gives it a nice feel in your hand

Directions and Instructions: OK, What directions do you need to come with this ? Outside of –  if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t put it in this glass?

 Testing :Nicely smoothed edges, bounces when dropped from height with little or no blemishing, chills well and as far as we can tell uncrushable in normal use. Easy to clean, lightweight

Other: They intend on coming out with Titanium and Brass versions soon and we will review them as soon as we get them

Final Thoughts: Best metal shot glass we have seen in a long time. Most modern shot glasses we have seen were either thin walled steel, a cheap stamped aluminum alloy pewter. None were anywhere near as robust as this beast or as attractive to the eye.Yeah it’s a little pricey but you definitely get what you pay for and more. You could easily pass this down to multiple generations as an heirloom from their dsireputable forebears.  I would recommend getting a small bag or pouch to put it in to protect the finish

Website: Basic no frills website, but because of this  fast loading with simple navigation, good descriptions of items and multiple photos to each item in many cases. Easy payment and checkout, fast shipping.

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