Black Beard Spiced Rum

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Type: ,
Proof: 86 (43%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $15.00 - 750 ML
Price Range:

Higher proof than Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson and better tasting

Notes: One of the latest entries into the spiced rum market, Serralles is a major producer (now probably THE major producer in Puerto Rico). Much more known for their many nonspiced rum products (again in Puerto Rico) Slightly higher proof than Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson (both are 70 proof or 35%) .

AppearanceClear, gold colored, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a thin, but tenacious clear coat on the inside of the glass, then develops long legs.

First Impression: Allspice, tobacco, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg are the primary flavors backstopped by pepper.

Taste: Somewhat atypical as there are not lots of heavier types of spices and a tobacco/pepper char melange. Medium bodied, less sweet with a lingering dry aftertaste.

Drinks: Nice alternative to those over sugared spice bombs everyone else is trying to peddle.

CigarsWhite Owl or Philly.

Bottle: Clear glass semi generic bottle like any number of other bottles . Simple red on black paper labels on front and back and a the black screw top closure. Looks a lot like a cheap blended whiskey bottle.

Final Thoughts: Frankly, I am not a flavored rum fan. I don’t see the point. That being said, this is better rum base to start with and a conservative spice and sweetness approach which is refreshing Also you are getting a higher proof for the same or less money than the ubiquitous Captain Morgan so we give it extra value points.


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