Blueberry Passion Schnapps – Hiram Walker

  • Rating: 3
  • Value: 4
Type: ,
Proof: 30 (15%)
Price: $12.00 750 ML
Price Range:

Not drinkable by anyone old enough to legally do so.

Note: This new “Schnapps” as Hiram Walker refers to their liqueurs as, is part of a over 40 flavors or variety portfolio of flavored liqueurs that form the backbone of many cocktail books that specialize in multicolored sweet drinks with ridiculous and usually sophomorically suggestive names.

Appearance: A light transparent purple – looks disturbingly like what happens when I clean my fountain pen in a glass of water. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass which then thickens as it slides back on itself, and continues to do so rather than form legs.

First ImpressionThick, almost resinous plastic “candy” smell to it. I can’t honestly detect much blueberry, I can detect a fair amount of citric acid, grape,and some sort of citrus along with a melon.

Taste: Thick body and entry to it. Candy-like with a heavy grapey/berry taste to it. Think cough syrup or “Sour Patch.”

Drinks: This is not something I would put in a serious drink.

Bottle: Clear glass more or less standard Hiram Walker Bottle with screwcap closure.

Final Thoughts: Too sweet and thick to be anything like what it claims to be. This stuff bears as much relation to blueberries as Hawian Punch does to fruit juice. Only someone brought up on candy and junk food could drink this stuff.


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