Boca Loca

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $21.00 - 750 ML

Decently made and about half the price of some.

Notes: Cachaca is a complex subject. There are 1000’s of brands of Cachaca in Brazil most of which are thankfully NOT imported here as many are very low quality. Prior to a few years ago drinking Cachaca was about as stylish as drinking Mad Dog or Night Train here.

Now it has been discovered (finally) in America and is used extensively in the Caipirinha as it is similar to the Mojito (a drink heavily marketed by the Microsoft of Rum- Bacardi) both of which are simple and relatively fast to make.

The translation on this one means “Crazy Lips” in Portuguese. This one come from a single estate plantation with hand harvested sugar cane which is pressed within 24 hours of cutting to maintain peak freshness. Distilled multiple times in a column still, it somehow retains all the character of the cane – an unusual achievement.

Appearance: Sparkling pure on swirling, long legs develop on the nosing glass then droplets forming.
First Impression: Like a good Rhum Agricole (such as the Clement or La Favorite Rums) you can really smell the sugar cane, a kind of green/chlorophyll, grassy, scent. Somewhat sweet,citrus, yeasty, lemon grass, savory and brine mixed with herbal notes, nicely distilled.
Taste: Very smooth and spritely on the tongue, oak and pepper notes edges on the tongue with citrus, lemon grass and salty overtones with a whisper of . . . Slightly oily mouthfeel to it and a dryish finish with a warm glow.

Drinks: The drinks we tried (many from their website) were good-to-excellent.The sweetness yet assertiveness made for a very interesting Pisco Sour variation (substitute Boca Loca for Pisco for some Brazilian Lemonade). We also came up with a Sarachai – a mix of mint and (weak) regular tea with Boca Loca added (sugar optional).

Cigars: Good with a lighter type/size of cigar with a Connecticut Shade Wrapper.

Bottle/Packaging: A rather simple clear glass bottle, cylindrical in shape, with a rounded shoulder to small neck and synthetic cork. Silk-screened red Boca Loca on the bottle looks like it was done with a lipstick. Less visually cluttered than some of its competitors bottles.
Final Thoughts: A decent fruity, almost Rhum Agricole-type cachaca at a good price compared to the other boutique ones out there. Finally someone is pricing their cachaca more in line with what it should be-not following the Avian Fashion Victim Vodka pricing.

Quick-loading, fair amount of information, drinks recipes,etc.,

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